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Namila Game

A fun cannon game where your mission is to launch the Bouncers back to Namila! Aim by touching the screen and launch the cannon from a button. Rings that have your character's colour will give the Bouncer super speed! Bounce high from trampolines and dodge balloons. Five levels ranging from jungle to volcanoes. Free game, no added advertises.

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Sheep icon

Save the Sheep

The sheep are falling from the sky! Bounce them across the screen by moving a paddle with your touch. Fun and easy to learn gameplay with lively cartoon graphics and sounds.

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Flute icon

Flute Helper

Learn and memorize flute fingerings in a fun and interactive way! Flute helper visualizes the traditional fingering chart using your selected theme colours and animates the pad presses.

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Double Stopwatch

Compare lap times of two people easily! Ideal for running, skating, racing.. Comes with an option to start both timers at the same time (for races) or separately (if you want to start timing in the middle of a competition). Big and clear buttons designed to prevent accidental hits. Lap times are shown in a list with highlighted best laps from both competitors for easy comparing. This app utilizes your Windows Phone theme and has simple and clear metro styling. Choose your own look!

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